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Modular Systems, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company

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Dodds Mortis Bore Machine:

Alexander Dodds Company Grand

3000 Walkent Drive N.W.

Rapids, MI 49504


DODDS Model #MB6001 Mortise and Bore Machine



  • Mortising and boring of a single pocket without indexing the part.

  • DODDS proven patented** heavy-duty spindle unit.

  • Servo positioning for speed and accuracy.

  • Precision patented** tooling assures high productivity.

  • One chip-breaker for all window configurations.

  • Fast, easy set-ups from a pocket style selector switch. 

  • Simple table height adjustment.

  • Dust collector chute.  

  • Simple table height adjustment

  • Dust collector chute

  • Fast, easy set-ups from a pocket style selector switch


  • Additional pivot type end stops.

  • Longer gage bar.

  • Ability to select a sequence of different pocket styles in the same end of panel.

  • Additional vertical clamps.

  • Fences for narrow panels.

  • Digital readout for table height positioning.

  • Digital readout for end stop positioning