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Modular Systems, Inc. is an ISO 9001 certified company


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Modular Systems was founded in 1965 in Muskegon, Michigan by P. Craig Welch. The original product offering consisted of a residential shelving system and a line of wooden indoor public telephone enclosures that utilized the original Mod-eez® fasteners.  

The public telephone enclosure line expanded and became the standard indoor enclosure throughout the “Bell” telephone system.  With the overwhelming success of the enclosure line came new designs of Mod-eez® fasteners leading to the decision by our management team to market Mod-eez® fasteners to the Woodworking Industry.  Thus, Modular Systems experienced the birth of the Mod-eez® fastener product line.  Through the years many more patents were obtained and woodworking companies all over the world began using these unique products. 

Having our own woodworking operation, we were able to test various assembly methods and build hundreds of prototypes over the years for woodworking companies interested in seeing how the Mod-eez® fasteners would work in their products.  The invention of the cell phone led to a steady decline in the need for public telephones, which led to the demise of our enclosure business.  We still have all of our woodworking equipment and prototype department and welcome visitors to our factory to see how we utilized the Mod-eez® fasteners in our woodworking operation.  

For over 40 years we have been supplying companies all over the world with the strongest RTA fastening system available.  We credit our longevity to our high quality products, impeccable customer service and innovative product development.  You can always find us here in Southwestern Michigan at the end of Spring Lake “where nature smiles for 7 miles”.

Mod-eez products are covered by many US and international patents.  

Mod-eez RTA "Ready To Assemble" product line includes all of the following, Furniture Connectors, Furniture Fittings, Furniture Fasteners, RTA Furniture Fasteners. RTA Furniture Connectors, KD Fasteners, KD Connectors, KD Fittings, Cabinet Fasteners, RTA Hardware, RTA Furniture Hardware, RTA Connectors, Cabinet Construction Fasteners. Cabinet Construction Fittings, Wardrobe Fasteners, Closet Hardware, Woodworking Connectors, Woodworking Fasteners and Woodworking Fittings.


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