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Modular Systems, Inc. was founded in 1965 in Muskegon, Michigan by P. Craig Welch. The original products he offered were a line of "Pole Hardware" and a pay telephone shelf made of particle board covered in Formica. Acceptance of the hardware line by furniture companies was limited, but the "knocked down" telephone shelves were an instant success with the Bell System. The operation moved to Fruitport, Michigan in 1968.

In order to meet the Bell System requirements for both damage free shipping of single telephone shelves and rapid installation by one person, several key advancements were made in the shelf packaging and in the design of the R.T.A. fastening system which held them together. By the early 1970*s Mod-eez® telephone enclosures were the standard for many of the Bell System Companies. About this same time it occurred to our management team that perhaps the Fastening System, which was instrumental in the success of the phone shelves, could be marketed to furniture companies along with our hardware. Thus, Modular Systems experienced the birth of the Mod-eez® Fastener line.

In our Wood Plant, we still manufacture public telephone enclosures. They can be found in all 50 states, Canada, and the Caribbean. The hardware line died out in the 1980*s. Today*s Mod-eez® dominated telephone enclosure operation provides us with some unique opportunities, unavailable to most fastener providers.

We test various assembly methods and evaluate the respective instructions for clarity. We make prototypes and test packaging. Utilizing the Die-Makers in our Fastener Manufacturing Plant, we develop and test Mod-eez® Mortise, Bore, and Clip Insertion machinery. We definitely qualify as experts in the use of the Mod-eez® Fastening System and we welcome visitors to see how we do it. You can always find us here in Fruitport, conveniently located at the end of Spring Lake, where nature smiles for 7 miles.


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