If you do not have Adobe Reader® and can not access our PDF brochure, the four pages accessible from this instruction page will give you detailed information on the proper method of installing the MOD-EEZ® System.  A little time spent here will save you time and money. Scroll down this page for details. We also have these pages available from the MS Word Specks page

Instruction Pages


Page One Of Instructions

1. Here you will find Monte's Hints and Aids 

2. Definitions

3.An illustration of a flush mounting. 

Page Two Of Instructions

1. This page contains an illustration of Mod-eez® Components

2. Hand drill fixture

3. Protective plastic caps

4. Shoulder screw locating gauge

5. Locking clips

Page Three Of Instructions

1. Illustration of clip styles

2. Compression Dowels

3. Compression dowel sizes

4. Mod-eez® thread cutting shoulder screws

Page Four Of Instructions

1. Fastener mountings illustrations 

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